April 2, 2015

Meow Mondays

Meow Mondays is a weekly cartoon featuring the fat cat Bitty Cow that was emailed to her subscribers every Monday in 2015.  The project has ended, but you can see all of the drawings right here on this page!

— The Bath —

Meow Mondays was created with the goal of spreading cheer on the most dreaded day of the week…. Mondays.  It was launched as a Kickstarter project and successfully funded with 211 subscribers, and the list kept growing every day!  The first Meow Mondays email was sent on January 5, 2015, and the project wrapped on December 26 of that year.

I decided to upload all of the drawings to this page – might as well share the love!!

From June 2015: a fun Meow Mondays story featuring drawings from 6 year old Olivia!

Bitty Cow's Dream

And now for the weekly drawings!

— Bitty Cow’s With the Band —

— Bitty Cow at a Camping Cookout —

— Bitty Cow and Loca Chiton dig a hole to China —

— Bitty Cow on Highway 62 —

— Bitty Cow & Loca Chiton at Santa Monica Pier —

— Bitty Cow and Loca float down a river of chocolate lava —

— Pie chart —

— If she had a million dollars —

— Happy Halloween from Bitty Cow —

— Bitty Cow stocking up for the end of the world —

— Bitty Cow chillaxin at the lake in the sunshine —

— Bitty on the fly —

— Bitty Cow & Loca Chiton at Santa Monica Pier —

— Bitty is looking at a new friend —

— Dreaming of Super Bowl Snacks —

Bitty Cow is a little scared. She’ll sleep in the tree…. —

— Bitty Cow meets the Queen —

— Bitty catches a glimpse of her beautiful self in the mirror —

— Welcome to the Castle —

— Bitty at the Disco —

— Bitty Cow learns that she has a new house guest —

— Bitty Cow pretty much lives in the bathroom —

— Bitty Cow and Loca on a late night trail ride —

— Bitty Cow and the other cats take in the new Star Wars movie —

— Princess Cow —

— Bitty Cow and her piece of the pie —

— Print me out — I’m a paper doll! —

— See ya later… for now! —

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