Bring "Artist Linda" to Your School or Community

What Does A Teaching Artist Do?

How Can I Apply for Funding?

If you live in North Dakota or  South Dakota, you can apply for an Artists in Schools and Communities Grant through your state's Arts Council.  Schools or Community Organizations can apply for funding starting in mid-January through March 1st in South Dakota, and mid-January through April 1st for North Dakota for the following school year.  Linda is listed on the Teaching Artist Roster for both North Dakota and South Dakota, and other states offer similar grant opportunities as well.  If you live outside of the Dakotas, you can still contact Linda to find out what options are available to fund your school or community program!  

And What Will You Bring to Our School?

Linda strongly believes that having a basic understanding of the elements of design plays a key role in appreciating and enjoying life; and that anyone can find value in making art, even if you don't consider yourself an artist.

During a typical residency, Linda will talk about:
  • elements of design like color, shape, line, pattern, balance and texture
  • basic watercolor techniques
  • different jobs that artists can do
  • art history and famous artists

Elementary students make patterned paper, then create collaborative collages after learning about Henri Matisse. Middle grade students work on multi-dimensional cityscapes inspired by Starry Night and Vincent Van Gogh. High school students may learn plein air painting techniques, and get the chance to document a historical location in their town while working outside.

Growing up in a rural community, Linda experienced firsthand the struggles that Art programs can face in smaller schools. Linda believes that Art should be a priority in every school, and that every child should have access to learning about the Arts (from a REAL ARTIST!) Linda looks forward to bringing an upbeat, engaging and c-o- l-o- r-f- u-l program to your school and your community!

Arts in the Community....
Bringing a Teaching Artist to your school is also a great way to bring the Arts to your community!  The Artist In Residence program encourages community involvement, and most residencies wrap up with a school wide Art Show, open to the public, giving students a chance to showcase what they've learned.  Parents and community members are invited to attend, and students are encouraged to talk about their project with family and friends.  This generates an interest in the arts at an early age, and reminds adults in the community that art helps to brighten every day life.

Because funding for the Arts is usually limited, schools must work hand in hand with the community to creatively fund Art programs.  There are many ways that communities can partner with their schools to increase funding for the Arts.  Communities with vibrant Arts programs tend to have happier students who are more willing to volunteer, or contribute their artistic talents towards community projects.  Engaging in Art improves cognitive thinking skills, and exposure to the Arts raises self esteem while providing a positive channel for self expression.  An investment in the Arts is an investment in a child's future... and an investment in your community!
“Evaluations are in from Louis La’Mour and they are excellent!! No surprise to me.
Please consider a year long residency in 2018-19.  Everyone is super excited to work with you.”
Miranda Letherman,
Jamestown No. Dak. Arts Center 

         ..."What People
Are Saying..."

"Thank you for helping us do art.  I like art now.  It is fun and you are the best art teacher and I know art now.  Keep Smiling!"

"Thank you so much I love art and I want to be a artist.  My favorite part is when we made the fish.  And you are nice and kind thank you so much!"
"Thanks Ms. Linda for showing us how to draw pictures and demonstrating!  Thank you because now I know how to draw a detailed city.  Anyway, see ya!"  - Sara

"I loved to do Art with you, expecialy the big project we did on Friday!" - Elizabeth

"I liked it when we made our Starry Night inspired painting." - Baily

Fourth Grade CORE students at Devils Lake Elementaries created these cut paper murals inspired by Henri Matisse.

Other classes studied watercolor techniques and made patterned paper that they used for their individual projects.  Scraps were recycled and used in the CORE group mural.

Art for ALL Ages!

Art isn't just for kids anymore!  Linda's art lessons are fun for all ages, and can be tailored to fit any age group. 

Bring Artist Linda to:
  • wine and canvas painting parties
  • plein air sketching classes
  • town centennials or community celebrations
...and collage projects are perfect for commemorating family reunions! 

Linda will work with your organization to find a project for any occasion and any age group.  Contact Linda today to learn more!

In the Classroom..... or in the Great Outdoors!

Plein Air Painting provides an opportunity to take our watercolor lessons outdoors! 
  • Painting on location allows us to immerse ourselves in our surroundings and really study our subject matter, up close and personal. 
  • Plein Air painting is done in a casual setting and provides an opportunity to relax in nature while creating artwork to take home. 
  • Plein Classes can last from a few hours to week long sessions. 
  • Supplies are affordable and artists of all ages and skill levels are welcome to participate. 

Let's make art while the sun shines!
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